1Password 😞

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By Matthew (write.braintube.com)

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Matthew says:

Have used both KeePass and Bitwarden in the past. If it was just me, I'd have a lot more options, but I need to support less technical family users, where things need to be easy and just work. Bitwarden is still the closest to 1Pass, but still missing a lot of UX polish.

xbdm says:

Well this blog is privacy focused so if you didn't most people here probably use Bitwarden or KeePass. Just got to choose man, Keepass is offline password manager you can control more of your own data. Bitwarden if you want to sync cross devices and in the cloud, You can also self-host it on your own server aswell. Both are open-source and good. 1Password and LastPassword is shit, Dip from the close source shit!