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Better comments for your blog is a thoughtful commenting system for your blog. It doesn't believe in forcing all conversations into a single space, interface, or protocol — some belong in public, some in an email inbox, and others somewhere in between.

We're early, but soon will work with any blog or website that speaks common protocols like ActivityPub and Webmentions.

Context and conversation was designed to facilitate better conversation — not through more features and automation, but better context.

Allow comments only when you want a response. Talk privately, or host a public discussion. Keep things real-time and ephemeral, or preserve it for future readers. is a more human approach to discussions on the open and independent web.

"Social" as in human, not media

Hang out in a social space without all the downsides of social media. Worry less about how many "likes" you're getting or how many followers you have, and have a real conversation again.