GTD Capture Wallet

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By Ridwan (

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Ridwan says:

Awesome! I prefer pen & paper when I don't have a phone on me. I have found that just having the Capture Wallet reassures me that “no thought” will get lost in the ether. Haha!

On phone, I use Todoist. NirvanaHQ is great but I just can't stick with it for more than a few days. No matter how many apps I try, I always come back to Todoist.

Noisy Deadlines says:

That's cool! I've heard about this wallet but I didn't know it was still available nowadays. I carry a small notepad and pen in my bag and have notepads on all my desks (at work and at home). But if I'm on the go, like walking or moving around, I got used to capturing using the Nirvana app on my phone.