I Should Read More Books

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By Numeric Citizen (write.as/numericcitizen/)

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Noisy Deadlines says:

I think we all read a lot on the internet, but it’s usually shorts texts and snippets of information as you’ve mentioned on your post. It’s a matter of changing the source of your reading, I guess. I try to read ebooks whenever I can. Same as @Paolo, Ebooks helped me read more than ever, because they are always with me. Be it for 5 or 30 min, I squeeze in some reading time throughout the day.

Numeric Citizen says:

I should follow your example.

Paolo Amoroso says:

I always read dozens of books per year, and continued when in 2011 I left printed paper and switched to ebooks exclusively. Using my phone or tablet, I do many short sessions where I read a screen or two. It adds up.