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Noisy Deadlines says:

@maxim I try to go out for a run everyday (weather permitting) and if I don't feel like running, I'll just walk instead. I try to not skip more than 2 days in a row. And I keep between 4-6km per run. I find it's better to have steady consistency than to try to improve performance at all costs.

maxim says:

Congrats on getting back into running! I've had a love/hate relationship with it for the last ~4 years, and it is nice to see other people journaling about it. I didn't see in your post—how often do you typically run? I'm pretty consistently running 3–5km per run two or three days a week, usually with 0–2 walking breaks. I find it very hard to get the motivation to run, though; usually when I finally run it's when my muscles are screaming at me.

Ridwan says:

Good luck with your running! I have started and quit running even though I love running. I guess, end up overthinking about lifting weights and end up quitting both. Haha!

Noisy Deadlines says:

Way to go @swansinflight ! I find that alternating running and walking is the best way to start and keep injury free. I'll keep the 8' run + 2' walk for a week or so, and then a week later increase to 9' running + 2' walk, then 10' + 2' walk.... and so on. Then I'll start decreasing the walking to 1', up until the point when I don't need walks in between anymore.
It's hard to start, but I always find it extremely rewarding afterwards.

swansinflight says:

I have just started doing the same, first thing int he morning at 6:15am I get up and start running for 15minutes – well, a few minutes of running and maybe a minute of walking. Same deal, I don't want to hurt myself but am very aware I need to get in a shape that isn't just round.
It's hard – I find getting up early makes me angry that I'm awake; anger gives energy to run.