Recently read a tweet pondering that maybe most software we've built could just...

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David Blue says:

Considering that the suite you've built has eased my fear of “losing” digital far beyond anything I'd ever existed on before, I'd like to emphasize taking this meditation seriously for readers.

Also, dare I say it... I remember when Snapchat first came to proliferation and – being who I am, but younger – feeling like it represented a profound shift in the social web. Notably, that the impermanence it offered pushed it beyond my own personal understanding of why we used the web to share things.

For what it may be worth, I feel like the eternality of everything I've posted online is an important part of keeping myself – as someone who thinks a few of their thoughts worth sharing at large – accountable for my thinking over time. However, I absolutely understand (perhaps newly) that the social web does and should have use for completely opposing/different intentions (any and all, for the most part,) and hope they take heart/hope in your sentiment.

The Fediverse Report says:

I just found out that, because I follow this blog on my mastodon account, if I search on Mastodon for the #fediverse, this blog shows up. That for sure counts as making cool shit online for me