Building for the Tidbyt

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By Matt ✍️ (

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Numeric Citizen says:

Hi Matt,
I read this post about building apps for Tidbyt.. I got one before Christmas (a gift from me to me!). Are you planning to publish any of your apps? I'd like to had one for my blog (/numericcitizen). Thanks!

Ridwan says:

Seems like an interesting idea. I'm not a techie so maybe will copy & paste Matt's & Dino's app. Haha!

Dino says:

Matt, I ran into a Tidbyt ad on Instagram too. Man, their ad algorithm is getting better. I almost bought it because it seemed like a fresh idea, plus the fact that I can write apps for it made it more appealing. I decided to not buy it after deciding I do not have time to write apps for it and didn't really find an existing app that was a must have. Maybe I'll reconsider in a year or two haha.