A new season, closing 2022

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By Matt ✍️ (write.as/matt/)

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Stories from the Asteroids says:


Thank you for sharing that link to our forum, I've been thinking of a similar approach as you and having a dedicated micropub.blog running on a subdomain for the same purpose once I set up my Write.As as a part of that domain in some way as well, probably on another subdomain.

Looking at https://tiny.write.as/asteroidal makes me want to integrate directly into site navigation someday, especially if I can customize the CSS to fit my journal's aesthetic.

Anyway I'll read the links you shared!

davepolaschek says:

As mentioned in the “mastodon replies as blog comments” post on discuss.write.as, there’s at least one guy out there who’s made it work on his (non-write.as) blog.


Stories from the Asteroids says:


I've been wondering if my follower's replies on Mastodon/etc could show up that way or to integrate a way for each Write.As post to display that.

In a recent post I mentioned that it might be more helpful to me and other Write.As users to simply have a Write.As microblog server (on a subdomain, something I didn't note) for subscribers so I can reply to my Mastodon followers. If I look up @asteroidal@write.as through a Mastodon search bar (which doesn't require an account on said server) it shows a Mastodon version with my blog posts listed as linked toots.

As best ActivityPub is capable of doing, it also shows replies that people have made on Mastodon. However, to populate all replies may require fetching them from the repliers' servers, which I don't think happens automatically in most cases? Or ever.

davepolaschek says:

Happy New Year, Matt!

Glad to hear writing.exchange is paying its own bills. Nice to see you helping out the community there, and I have a few friends who landed there after Twitter exploded like the Volcano in Jimmy Buffett’s song.

I find myself still hoping that comments from the Fediverse will get archived as part of the comments in Remark.as—with the two-week auto-delete on most toots, it would be nice to give them some permanence. Ping me if there’s something I can do to help encourage you on that.

In addition to the upheaval from Twitter, another website where I had a good community imploded in October, and I’ve been moving my writings from there to write.as, and I have to say thank you for making what feels like a safer home for my words.

Be well, and best in 2023, Matt.

Stories from the Asteroids says:

Happy New Years, Matt!

While I mentioned you in a post, I want to thank you yet again for giving me an account this past April. While I didn't know what to do with it and most just vented, our conversation the other day led me to rebooting it.

I'm trying out a month's subscription now because once I started using Write.As for my fiction instead it seemed worth it and it is, I like the options I have because of it and soon I'll try to hook up my domain name!

This is the part of the fediverse that really resonates for me; there's more I need to learn so I can use it effectively, but it's coming along. This has been a great year in writing for me, but next year is going to be the real deal!