The challenges of picking a blogging platform for technical writing

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By Paolo Amoroso (

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Paolo Amoroso says:

@Ray Absolutely. I'm enjoying more and more and doubling down on blogging.

Ray says:

Paolo, interesting journey to get to this point. I think you're in a good place now. ; )

Thanks for sharing!

Paolo Amoroso says:

Thanks Matt!

You're right, keeping the platform alive and evolving is a real challenge. It's really sad to see an AppSum deal when Typehut is dead but still accessible to users. And, as an update, I haven't heard from Silvrback for over a week.

Matt ✍️ says:

Really glad you found, and @jakelacaze pointed you to it!

I really like how many options there are out there — minimalist, writing-focused blogs are a real need for many people. But as a developer of one of these platforms, it seems it's not enough to just launch one as a fun weekend / months-long project. To make them work long-term, I think you need to keep evolving with your users, and/or settle into a very specific niche.

Sometimes I think keeps evolving just because I use it a lot 😅, but ultimately it's because of the wonderful group of people that have gathered around this place.