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By Paolo Amoroso (

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Paolo Amoroso says:

@Matt Thanks to you, any fixes for those issues would be really appreciated.

Matt ✍️ says:

Thanks so much for sharing this, Paolo! It's really great to hear how much it's helped you write.

I'd also like to prioritize fixing those shortcomings you mentioned — they've been lingering for some time. Will keep you updated on that.

Paolo Amoroso says:

@davepolaschek Thanks, I'm more than happy to be here.

davepolaschek says:

I agree on the shortcomings. It would also be nice if there were a little more CSS help available, but that’s mostly because I don’t have the energy to figure it all out anymore.

But still, I have republished a book on, set up a website for my woodworking and photographic artistic endeavors, and put other stuff on my “regular” blog. Next up is moving a dictionary from 1993 onto, which may be tricky as I want IPA pronunciations, but we’ll see…

Glad to see you around here and continuing to use, though.