How to Make Image Clickable Using Markdown?

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Dino says:

@Ridwan you are welcome!

Ridwan says:

This is brilliant! Thanks Dino.

andreas says:

@dino oh I see. Java is not for me. I’ll manage without it.

Dino says:

@undreas you mean a caption on the browser tab that shows just the image itself? If so, unfortunately I don't think that can be done without changes on the website that hosts the image.

I think I know what kind of effect you want, It's kinda similar to how Flickr allows you to embed an image in a blog post, then you can click the image and it opens up in a tab that has more info than just the image itself. But yeah, to get something like that, the website hosting the image itself needs to be able to do that. Or we need some kind of JavaScript lightbox feature added to blog posts.

andreas says:

Hey @dino. Great post. I tried it and it works fine. Do you also know a way of adding a caption to that? Would be cool it the caption is seen when clicking on the image.

Dino says:

You're welcome David.

David Blue says:

Yes!! Thank you Dino.