Browser icons! Now you can upload one yourself, and make your blog even more...

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Matthew says:

@Matt Very nice! Thanks for adding.

Numeric Citizen says:

Thanks, nice addition!

tmo says:

Awesome, @Matt! This is pretty cool :)

Matt ✍️ says:

Cool! Good news, I got this working today! (But it's not live yet)

View of blog on Mastodon with a custom icon set

This also makes it so your blog changes will update in the fediverse now. But this causes issues with platforms like Pleroma, and I'd also like to optimize favicons vs. fediverse avatars before releasing this to everyone. So will hopefully get to that in the next few days.

Noisy Deadlines says:

@Matt Yes, one single icon for both spaces would great in my opinion. Keeping it simple!

Matthew says:

@Matt I could see a use case for both, but a single image would fit more with the simplicity I expect with

Paolo Amoroso says:

@Matt Having a single icon for the browser and the fediverse would work well for me.

Matt ✍️ says:

They don't, but that's a feature I've been wanting to add! It would be less flexible this way, but maybe keeping it to just one single icon (for both the browser and fediverse) would be a nice simple way to get this?

What does everyone think?

tmo says:

Ooo, I like that Matthew! My blog on tmo has been synced with a Mastodon address for some time (I think) and instead of a simple “t” for the icon, a genuine avatar (avi) would be really cool.

I don't know what Matt(Baer) can finagle but hopefully he sees these comments and can pull something off :)

I need to go do my avatar/avi/icon now, haha

Matthew says:

Do these also show up as the avatar on Mastodon?