This week, I started to crack a little bit, mentally.

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tmo says:

I second what Justin said, Matt.

I am no one in the “entrepreneur” space (I never owned a co, myself), but I would imagine that having freelance staff (or full-time) could take pressure off of you – long and short term.

Two cents :)

Justin says:

Matt, as someone who started, operated, then sold a software business – I can relate. My single best advice is to hire support early and often. There are folks all over the world who would love to support your users. Just do it, free up your mind and time, and eliminate the guilt. Trust me, it'll add years to your entrepreneur life.

greum maol stevenson says:

I'm sorry things have been rough. Thanks for what you do.

Dino says:

When I notice that I hardly write on my journal, that usually means that the days have been going by so fast, that I've not had time to slow down and think and breathe. To me it always feels good to write something down on my journal, even if it's just the tasks I need to do for the day.

Deacon Patrick says:

Good morning, Matt. Och! TRHe onslaught of the storm. A few things I've discovered that help me, and may be of help to others overwhelmed by X, then piled on by Y, and Stirred about by Z. Grin.

“Busy” is me putting lesser goods ahead of greater goods. Busy is noisy and distracting and invariably causes me to take my eye off of the one next step I need to take, so I spin in place and dig a trough that I get stuck in. Daft and silly, and the modern way: to feel like I'm accomplishing much because I'm “busy.” Oops.

The answers I seek, because I hunger for them, are not found in the busy, or the world. They are found in quiet prayer and contemplation of things greater than me. Being Catholic, that means for me, I restore my eyes to Christ, who is always the next step forward, through prayer in the Church: the sacraments, Divine Office, Rosary, and others. The storm of busy suddenly has no sway, no allure, no power. Instead, I focus on the one next step, and all else falls into simplicity, despite the storm raging just outside my sphere of influence. Grin.

May Christ startle you with joy!

Deacon Patrick