Had a great time hanging out in the Remark.as chat room today! Thanks to...

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By Micro Matt on Remark.as (micro.baer.works)

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David Blue says:

As far as IRC goes, I've discovered that WeeChat is super extensible though it can be overwhelming. I'm sure I'm the only one, but I'll always advocate for a Telegram group hehe.

Matt ✍️ says:

Matthew are there good web clients for Matrix? One requirement is being able to provide easy web access to the chat. Last I saw, Riot.im (I guess it's Element now?) was really slow, and even if it's possible to embed in our site, I think it's too heavy (UI-wise) for our needs.

I can take a look at running a Matrix bridge, especially once we get everything up and running!

Matthew says:

Please consider Matrix over IRC.

swansinflight says:

My only suggestion is setting up a matrix bridge as well so that can be used to connect. That's all I use for irc these days.
Of course, that's not essential and perhaps not necessary for the use case, but potentially opens it up to more users.

tmo says:

Was definitely a cool time! :)

I hope IRC will work out next time, or sometime in the future, and I'll just download whatever app(s) I need to get it going on my MacBook. And there SHOULD be more interactive spots like this on the WWW! Echo-chambers are SO “Web 2.0” (I know because important billionaires and cryptobros told me so ;))