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davepolaschek says:

Ahh, thank you for that! I was unaware of that page. And I’ve written 189 as of this morning.

Paolo Amoroso says:

@davepolaschek Thanks! provides the post count at

davepolaschek says:

Congratulations on 200 posts! I haven’t even been counting mine, but I’ve been busy rescuing content from another site, so I’ve been transferring 4-8 posts daily for a while. Also need to find time to do some CSS work.

Paolo Amoroso says:

@tmo Thanks! I'll definitely blog more about coding for the bare metal.

tmo says:

good to have ya here! :)

I've really enjoyed reading about the nitty gritty detail of Z80 projects, and the development therein.

Here's to 200 more!