How I discover content from interesting people

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By Paolo Amoroso (

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Paolo Amoroso says:

@Numeric Citizen Good point, the About page is another good source. Yes, thos who click links are few but valuable readers.

Numeric Citizen says:

Thanks for sharing... because at the end of the day, it's all about sharing with others and the online community. My browsing behaviours aren't that systematic but I try to go beyond the initially shared bits, certain look at the /About page then follow my instinct. Interesting fact: according to my analytics (Plausible), less than 10% of visitors will click on an outgoing link from a shared article. It's quite low.
Take care!

Paolo Amoroso says:

@tmo Thanks, I'm definitely well.

Web surfing like the elders is still surprisingly powerful.

tmo says:

I am sort of in the same boat – I find a blog of some sort on, or, or, and then I will check out their blogroll (if they have one), and check out other “About” links on their blog, and then hop, skip, jump from Github repos, to other people's blogs, to other project-oriented sites, etc. and then some “click” or resonate with me, so I will add them to my 1Feed RSS reader, and sometimes I end up adding something to my blogroll on TMO.

Neat stuff online :)

Hope you're well, Paolo