Lingering on Positive Moments with a Journal

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By Dino (

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Ridwan says:

Totally agree. I think we tend to ruminate on negative moments more than on positive ones. I feel pen & paper is way better to capture these positive moments and how they made us feel. I mean, you can use any notes app but nothing beats seeing your handwriting after a month or a year or a decade.

Dino says:

@tmo definitely worth re-reading content you've written. I've noticed the same when I go through my old blog posts, a certain joy and even surprise at rediscovering some positive moments that I even forgot I wrote down.

tmo says:

I'd agree with this. Especially when it comes to a simple positive affirmation via note-taking app or paper journal. I keep a section in Standard Notes called “small treatment plan”, which has a few long and short term goals, aspirations, as well as a couple affirmations that help me along the way.

Sometimes, when I write a blog post that I liked throughout the day (usually I write several a day), I will go back and read one and think “yea, that was fun to write, glad I got it down”.

Always good to be good to oneself :)