Just Let It Go

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By Dino (journal.dinobansigan.com)

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Dino says:

Thanks for the comment @tmo. Online communication is a new thing for us humans. You're right in that we haven't adapted to it, maybe not even be able to adapt to it in our lifetime.

tmo says:

I've taken this advice in regards to “online life”, itself, in the past six or so months (or longer?), and I Just Let It Go in terms of needing/caring about anything that “needs” to be conveyed in an online space. As @Javo said, face-to-face discussions are much more valuable, and from a biological standpoint, my body is not “evolved” in a way to respond (at all) to text on a screen/phone – having in-person, consequential feedback (both TO and FROM) is the only thing that scratches any type of itch for me.

So, I've been mostly dismissive of “a thing” I say/see/do online as holding any significance, and likewise of the things of others. It's like the “FOMO” approach to leaving social media (as Missing Out WAS/IS the point of leaving the networks to begin with), only applying it to the Internet, in general.

Nice post, Dino. Hope this comment finds you well :)

Dino says:

Very well said @Javo

Javo says:

I agree, it is hard to have real conversations online, and most of the time it is not worth wasting your energy even trying.

On the other hand, I believe we need more offline, face-to-face discussions and debates. It seems to me we have forgotten how to be tolerant to other people's opinions and express ours in a respectful and well articulated manner, we have to practice more! In that sense, offline conversations help to remember that there is a human being on the other side, and our attitude naturally adjust as a consequence.