Trying to Understand Revert And Merges in Git

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Dino says:

@tmo thanks for the comment! I'm glad that what I wrote made sense to someone else. You stay safe as well!

tmo says:

Ah, this is very good to know, AtP :)

I, myself, barely comprehend the simple “overhead” view of what Git is and how Git works. I know that someday I will delve into the “protocol”(?) and actually do something with my Github acct, etc, but in the meantime, I don't read up on it only due to the fact that Github has endless amounts of “legaleese-sounding” documentation for “how to learn git” (or whatever they call their explainer/tutorial).

I will likely find a source elsewhere, like Gitlab documentation, or even a “beginner friendly” intro to git type of book (or simple online resource) to get a better grip on it. But I understood everything you put in this blog post, even though it was all new information to me :D

Thanks for putting it out there! Stay well!