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Justin says:

I think the concept is an interesting take on typical blog comments, though I hesitate about shooting folks off to another website to make a comment. Also, the majority of my readers aren't on so at present they wouldn't comment. Looking forward to when anyone can post and an account is not required (respecting privacy in the process).

Ivan says:

Thanks @Matt for this good job! 👍

andreas says:

@matt Does this work?

Matthew says:

I understand that the Mail page is for incoming comments, but any plan for a place to follow conversations you've participated in?

Observations with Alecks says:

Congrats on the release and hard work! Really looking forward to using these. I have a lot of ideas to take the platform to the next level for discovery.

parra-yagnam says:

Been waiting for this since I first heard it from you, Matt. I’m stoked to see that it came out !
Looking forward to becoming a power user and helping out with content policies and moderation (if that’s something you need help/advice with!) . Onwards !!

Roy says:

Ok, so it looks like when your first blog (I have multiple) is set to private, you won't be able to comment?

Roy says:

Having trouble getting a comment to post. 403

Noisy Deadlines says:

Cool! Thanks @matt for making it super easy to set up! :)
I loved the idea of having a separate space for discussion (rather than the typical blog comments below posts).

Roscoe's Story says:

Sweet! Very easy to set up. It'll be interesting to see how this develops

isaac blake says:

I'm excited for the future that this service has for blogging! I like the “Cafe” and separate space concepts so far. Yes @Dino, thank you @Matt!

davepolaschek says:

@Matt – that does the trick. Thanks!

365 RFCs says:

Nice! Looking forward to playing with this.

Dino says:

Ooh it finally is here! Thanks for the hard work @Matt

Matt ✍️ says:

@davepolaschek check out the home page here — it shows the shortcode you can use in your posts / post signature (hopefully this works):

davepolaschek says:

Also, commenting here has the same caching problem I’ve seen with other pages in that after I comment, I see the page as it was before my comment, rather than the updated version including my comment. I need to force-reload the page to see my comment.

iPadOS 15.3 running Safari.

davepolaschek says:

Is there something specific I need to do to add a “Discuss…” link to the end of a post? I think I’ve set everything up, but as I was doing that while the service was throwing 504s, I’m not sure if I need to redo something or not.

kvvpa says:

Very nice. Thanks for all the hard work. Love using this platform and I’m grateful for the added functionality

Ridwan says:

This is amazing! Loving it. I have now purchased the signature add-on too! Totally invested in the future. Keep up the good work, Matt!

Matt ✍️ says:

Awesome to see the excitement so far!

@Ray, it's very possible we'll support inline comments in the future, but I'm not 100% sure right now. I plan for us to try the “separate community” direction at first, where it's more of a social space than classic blog comments. Then I hope that'll reveal what makes the most sense, as far as embedding comments on blogs themselves (“inviting someone to write on your wall”). I imagine it'll definitely be important for sites that are more standalone destinations / need more independence from our little network.

Otherwise, Webmentions are 100% on the roadmap. End goal is that this works with the fediverse, across independent sites, anywhere on the web, etc. You can find some of my general thoughts here: #comments

Ray says:

Glad to see it kicking forward, esp. after I just subscribed yesterday ; )

Will it be possible to have comments show immediately below each post rather than force a click through? I figure the less friction the better to get folks chiming in, esp. if they see a comment directly below a post they'd like to reply to.

I also hope there will be support for Webmentions one day...

Thanks for all you do!

andreas says:

Nice! Had to try this immediately. Looking forward to see this play out.

twisterghost says:

Ayye, been looking forward to this for a long time. Thanks!

Nate Dickson says:

It does my heart good to see actual innovation in the blogging space happening in 2022. I'm looking forward to playing with this as well!

tmo says:

awesome, cool, brilliant! Been waiting for this to “be a thing” for some time now :) I need to give a test run later on.

And can I just say, “First!” ;)

Matt ✍️ says:

Welcome! Feel free to share your thoughts here.